This Author sat down with us to talk about their debut album.

It has been a long time coming with many hiccups. Marriages, child births, lineup changes, name changes, the list goes on. However after all that, in the course of about 10 years, This Author has finally come out with their debut album. The members of This Author sat down with us to talk about the process of the making the album and what it is in store for the future.

It’s been six years since we last talked. Where do we even start?

Wow, yeah. Has it really been that long? I believe at the time we were still called Ruska, our original bass player was probably still with us and… well there has been a lot of changes.

This Author Album Debut

Absolutely there has. Let’s start right there. Why the change in the name from Ruska to This Author?

Since the beginning of the band, no body actually liked our name. Not the band members, not the fans. No one even knew how to say. We would constantly have to be spelling it for people. The only reason we hadn’t changed it before is because we felt some sort of commitment to it. We used Ruska on so many posters and shows and shirts and… just everything. Email addresses, web addresses. We’ve play so many shows with that name, big shows too. Reading Festival It’s just so much work. Picking a name is a daunting task but I think we finally have something that fits. This Author. It’s hard to know what our music sounds like with the name This Author, but that’s what we wanted.

That’s awesome. If it helps, I like the name This Author much better.

We do to! I’m glad you like it. Most of our fans seem to enjoy This Author much more than Ruska. Like I said, none of our fans wanted to say the word, it was just a hassle.

Enough about the name, let’s talk music. How does it feel to finally get that debut Album out?

You have no idea. I can’t tell you how many sleepless nights went in to this album. It sounds pretentious to say something is your life’s work but this really is. In the most literal sense of the term. The work on this album was done over the course of 33% of my young life. I’ve never done anything that long. Ten years is longer than Richard Simmons is gay. … Please don’t use that as a pull quote. It feels absolutely amazing to finally be able to say that This Author has put out an album. It’s out now so go to bandcamp and buy it.


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