The Most Hated Family In America is Now In Crisis

The Most Hated Family In America IN CRISIS is the second installment of a fascinating and above all disturbing two-part documentary series by Louis Theroux.  If you missed the first installment check it out here:  The Most Hated Family In America

Louis with his dead-pan style journalism, dives into the heart of the Westboro Baptist Church for a second time to learn more about who is quite literally the most hated family in america today (and for good reason). Unlike Theroux’s first visit however, this time around the Westboro family is facing difficulty staying together, as family members leave the church for the first time. The amount of ignorance and hatred Theroux experiences during his short stay is astounding and extremely unsettling.

The Most Hated Family In America IN CRISIS must have tore at your core just a bit, it definitely effect us at DevoutNone.  What about it bothers you?

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