Part Two of Fear and Faith.

In the finale of his second two-part event, Fear and Faith, Derren Brown looks at the psychology of religious belief, performs a satanic ritual and attempts to give an atheist a religious conversion. More controversy is struck this time as Derren appears to rewrite some of the subjects most deeply held beliefs. Where episode 1 of Fear and Faith only touched on the topic of religion and faith lightly, episode two delves much deeper in to the relationship that humans have with faith and religion. Both parts of this made for TV documentary are with watching.

Derren Brown is a special breed. Part magician, part hypnotist, and part skeptic among other things, Derren mixes his quality and talents in a way that both entertains and informs. Fear and Faith falls in line with some of Derren’s other specials. Most notably Miracles For Sale. In both Miracles For Sale and Fear and Faith, Derren presents an argument against believing in things blindly yet also concedes the benefit of and value of the placebo effect. Often relating the placebo effect to the same effect on people with great faith, Derren has struck a bit of controversy.

A bit of controversy but never offensive.

However, even with this controversy, Fear and Faith never comes to close to offending. Any person interested in the way humans think and interact can find amazing information and entertainment in Derren Brown’s TV specials and live shows. Derren Brown’s specials are much more known outside of the states and mostly in Europe. Which is unfortunate. Fear and Faith is a great one to see.

This is only episode one of Fear and Faith. If you like what you see make sure you watch Episode 1 of Fear and Faith and don’t forget to comment below.